... But feeling decidedly *yawn* about the stock standard flowers, bubbly, confetti and chocolate fountains* doing their rounds at every Tom and Tamara’s special event?

We've got you!

We've banned boring...

... and we’re allergic to run of the mill! Nothing about our style is structured, but we promise everything will be artistic AF.

We craft creative balloon installations inspired by your imagination.

No two events are ever the same.

Our balloon installation designs are totally original and made just for you, cute stuff.

We gift your bland or blank background, backdrop, wall, staircase, ceiling, rooftop and space with a fancy makeover your event guests will get FOMO over.

Aussie wide

Our installations are available for legends (and legendary events) across Queensland.


Are you a corporate event stylist? Heads up - our minimum spend doesn’t apply to you. Once you’re finished doing your happy dance, get in touch with us to get the goss.


Installations start at $1000+ GST

You: “Whoa, what the f*ck, guys?”

Us: *Nods* Yep, we get it. We aren’t cheap, and we aren’t for everyone. But before you freak out, we’re going to explain why we’re worth every penny.

Truly custom-crafted and bespoke just to – and for – you.

Trends are fun, but originality is better. Which is why we’ll spend a silly amount of time carefully conjuring a custom concept that uniquely fits your vision, celebration, space and style.

We’ll visit your site (you’ve got great taste, by the way), get a lay of the land, then return to Fancy Schmancy HQ to sketch and strategise.

Your unique vision and event brief will be thoughtfully analysed. Then, we’ll pair it with our penchant for artistic and mind-blowing balloon designs to create a custom concept we’re 110% sure you’ll not only lose your socks over, but that’ll also give your event the kind of atmosphere, mood and fancy style that *they’ll* be raving about for years to come.

Masterminded by Kady, our CEO and chief unicorn.

Hi! *Waves* I’m Kady. I’m a mum, wife, friend, designer, creative and artist. I design, create, manage and install every single Fancy Schmancy balloon installation. Balloons are my artistic medium and my unapologetic happy place.

But even though I juggle my multiple roles (with varying levels of success, sorry, Ace, my gorgeous daughter), I’m only one human. And as cool as it’d be to have that superpower, I sadly can’t be in multiple places at the one time.

Which means your event will get my exclusive attention and energy.

(Yikes. Not even my husband gets that.)

Actual event goals.

It’s me - Kady - again. I wanted to mention that I might be lazily laissez-faire about matching my socks (meh, washing), but I’m unapologetically pedantic about perfecting my balloon installations. So you can bet your butt that I’ll be harnessing all my juicy experience and expertise to craft a bespoke balloon installation that perfectly matches your vision and branding.

I’ll tirelessly cover every single possibility to get the exact RIGHT colour for your installation and then painstakingly plot the best placement, positioning and structure for maximum impact and ‘OMG’ factor.

It’s the type of anal perfectionism that gives me premature stress wrinkles but ensures your event installation is ah-may-zing from every angle.

Created and blown onsite.

We’re gonna be real with you: Fancy Schmancy style takes time. And we don’t rush genius. Which is why we’ll be on site bright and early (with caffeine clutched in our arty hands) to devote our full love, care, attention and skill to your amazing event.

It starts with sourcing and colour-creation coating your installation in a shine treatment. Seriously. Every balloon. Even if there are 1,000 of ‘em. This guarantees your balloons last longer (phwoar) and won’t oxidize as soon as we arrive on site. Which would be gross. You deserve better.

Big mamas.

For this price, you’ll get up to 8m worth of balloon garland to transform your space. If you’re not math-minded, let us reassure you that it’s a lot.

If your space is any smaller than that, then we’re confident our DIY garland kits will fulfil your balloon-y fantasies. Speaking of which …


Ooh yeah, look at you givin’ those installations a saucy up-and-down appraisal.

So ... wanna chat about how you can get one of your own?

Fill out our contact form below and we’ll hit you back within 48 hours.

Got pics? Great, email them through to us (inspo and venue pics. No eggplants, please.)