So you wanna learn a little bit more about us, huh?

We don’t blame you. We’re totally rockin’ that tall-dark-and-mysterious vibe.

Don’t worry; this isn’t one of those snooze-provoking ‘about’ pages that leaves you feeling like you’re on a long-haul flight to Boredom Ville.

We’ll keep this short and sweet.

(Unlike our balloons, which are crude, cheeky and long-lasting. Don’t give us that look. You love it.)


About the planet. About Taco Tuesdays. And about gifts that blow (but, y’know, in the *right* way).

Because we know the deal: You’re young (for reals and at heart), but there’s no escaping the fact that by now you’ve received so many fricken flowers, cards and boxes of chocolate that you probably dread special occasions.

“Oh yay, flowers!” You faux cry.

Then the flowers die, you sigh, and your gift-giver has to eat humble pie.

We get it.

(And by “we”, I mean not just the entire Fancy team, but also Kady, who is currently writing in third person because #professional ... or something.)


Oh, hey! I’m Kady, the founder of Fancy Schmancy.

I’m a wife, mumma to Ace and Buddy – seven and three-year-old terrors and delights of my life -, former arty farty graphic designer and the lady a little obsessed with big ball(oons).

But. There’s a reason for it!

When I gave birth to Ace, I was left to not only mourn the loss of my lady parts, but also every available surface in our house for two weeks as our well-meaning loved ones flooded us with flowers and stock-standard gifts.

And while their love made me glow, their presents made me blow my nose (hey, hayfever) and think to myself: “There has to be a better way to show you love somebody, and, you know bring a little light-hearted fun into their day.”


As fate would have it, Ace wasn’t the only baby I would take care of while I was on maternity leave.

With absolutely zero balloon experience (but a whole lotta enthusiasm, creativity, cursing and YouTube tutorials), I also suckled something a little fancy: Fancy Schmancy Balloon Co. Aka: My big ball(oon)ed solution to saving our loved ones from stock standard gifts that suck.

Today, Fancy Schmancy delivers snort-and-giggle (okay, and maybe some laugh-fart) inducing boxed balloons to make your loved one’s day and give them a natural high.

Our balloons are blown and stuffed with love – literally – at our headquarters in Brisbane and then delivered directly to your loved one’s door.

Like … today, if you want. For real.

So whatcha waitin’ for?

Get on in there and start unleashing your fine, fancy self.