Dashing Dachshund Balloon Bundle

Dashing Dachshund Balloon Bundle
Dashing Dachshund Balloon Bundle
Dashing Dachshund Balloon Bundle

When you need something a little extra. The custom bundle includes: 

  • 96cm Dachshund Foil Balloon
  • 50cm Fancy Schmancy custom bubble (for your own weird, whacky and wonderful words) 
  • 35cm foil orb 
  • 15cm foil orb

Stuck for a message:

  • "Sorry to hear you're sick as a dog!"
  • "Congrats to the dashing couple!"
  • "You're pawsome!"
  • "You clever little sausage!"

Average float time: Up to 2+ days*

These are designed for same day delivery and we suggest gifting these the day they are inflated. We can not guarantee how long the foil balloons last - they are delicate and way too many factors affect their lifespan.

*So, what if it pops or deflates?

* Betty not included. 

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Brisbane pickup location is 140 Edmondstone Street, Wilston.

We are located in the shed at the back of the block on the left hand side.

Pick up times are strictly between 9am and 12pm on selected day below. Please phone ahead if you are unsure if balloons will fit into your car or pick up past 12pm.

These are the delivery locations available for your selected product:

One delivery location per order. Please select the correct location. 


If you are sending outside of Brisbane we recommend the OG 60cm balloon. Deliveries outside of Brisbane are schedule to arrive on your desired date - but we can not guarantee it. Please read FAQ page for further details.

One deliverypickup date per order
Please note that all orders are for pick-up only from our stores. Select the store, date and time.

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Gift Deliveries: Please be aware our deliveries start at 10am, we can not guarantee delivery by a specific time but we will always try.

Backdrops: Please be sure to check with the venue on Bump in/out times.

We'll be in touch if your special requests can not be fulfilled.

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