The fanciest way to find out the gender!

Important things you need to know when ordering your fancy gender reveal balloon:

  • Select the confetti colour below. If you are the expectant mother/father and still unsure of the gender - please select "MONO" this will let us know that you are going to have someone else inform us. You can have doctors/nurses or friends call or email us or have the envelope dropped to us. 
  • If you are the "secret keeper" and ordering for a friend please do not use of their email or phone number at the checkout - a confirmation will be sent to these deets and we wouldn't want them to be nosy go looking to see the confetti colour. 
  • Unfortunately, these are only available in black latex - other colours show confetti inside. 
  • These balloons do not fit in the box, they are tied to the base of the box and delivered as pictured here with a plastic bag over them. 
  • Unless organised with us over phone/email we can't guarantee delivery times - if there is no one home at time of delivery the balloon will be left at the front door/entrance to property. 
  • We suggest popping on day of delivery, it's at its freshest and avoids the risk of accidental popping.

Once delivered, Fancy Schmancy takes NO responsibility for the balloon popping accidentally. Keeping the balloon overnight to pop the following day is at your own risk.