Parrot Bundle

Parrot Bundle

When you need something a little extra. The custom bundle includes: 

  • 89cm Parrot Foil Balloon
  • 60cm Fancy Schmancy custom bubble (for your own weird, whacky and wonderful words) 
  • 25cm gold foil orb 

    Stuck for a message:

    • "Aparrotly it's your birthday!"
    • "Happy Birthday Old Bird!"
    • "I think your above aviary-age!"
    • "Hope you're feeling chirpy again soon!"
    • "Happy Bird-day Tweetheart!"
    • "Talk Birdy to me!"

    Average float time: 2+days

    Please note, due to limited availability of clear bubble balloons the sizes in image may vary. If a smaller clear balloon is dispatched we will increase the size of foil and vice versa. 

    Contains: NO Latex balloons

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