Mum's Handwritten Ballooon

Mum's Handwritten Ballooon

What more could Mum want than a fancy balloon handwritten by her mini-me? Nothing, right.  

Instructions for ordering: 

  1. Fill out the fields below. 
  2. Check out the order. 
  3. With a black sharpie and plain white paper get your child to write their greeting for the balloon (small pictures welcome!)
  4. Photograph or scan the image and email to
  5. Quote your order number in the email. 

The balloon itself is made from clear stretchy plastic - not latex! Bubbles are pop resistant, but definitely not pop proof! 

Balloons are stealthy stuffed, inflated and boxed ready for delivery. 

So, what if it pops?

I'm sending outside of Brisbane - can you guarantee it will it arrive on time?

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This is the name that goes on the box. Use your (the sender) phone number at the check out pages to receive updates on the order. If recipients phone number is used at the checkout they may receive a notification of the order. Eek!

Got special delivery instructions? ...Thank you!

Please be aware our deliveries start at 10am, we can not guarantee delivery by a specific time but we will always try.

We'll be in touch if your special requests can not be fulfilled.